Frequently Asked Questions

Have any concerns? Check our FAQ.

Yes, we are.

We are a registered busines in Australia.
We have the necessary government permits to allow all our campaigns to be legitimate, and all our draws are carried out under lottery conditions.

To enter is so simple!

All that is required is that you follow all the people who are nominated within the host account and ensure that the settings on your account are set to public.

All out draws are conducted using a third-party facilitator. They are government-approved.

The law requires us to appoint an independent scrutinizer to oversee the random draw taking place.

We are also subject to random audits on our process by government officials.

In the terms and conditions of every draw, we set out the date when the winner of that draw will be announced.

It is usually within 2 – 4 days after the draw has taken place.

No, not at all.

You will be disqualified.

All our campaigns are open to participants worldwide.

As a rule, there is usually a higher percentage of entrants from the country of origin of the person who is promoting the campaign.

So, for example – if the influencer is based in the US, we usually receive more entries from that country.

However, we must state that every single person who enters has the same chance of being a winner.

All winners can be seen on our website.

To get involved, complete the form on our website. This will get you on our email marketing list where we send details out of how to get your business/blog noticed using January XV.