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Gain Global Exposure

January XV has a trusted reputation with a proven track record of running successful campaigns Worldwide.

We connect with the world’s most influential celebrities, rapidly driving followers to your brand. Our clients are offered an exclusive opportunity to gain worldwide exposure.

We Give Back

January XV and our celebrity partners give back with every campaign we run with a cash donation to a nonprofit.

Partner with us to help support programs with real money while also creating awareness as we do our part to make the world a better place, all while growing your audience.

Celebrity culture is everywhere

In today’s world, celebrities have a powerful impact on the marketing and social media worlds.

Our society is very celebrity focussed with many having tremendous power and influence on what we buy and the general consumer culture.

Celebrity culture is everywhere. Every day you are presented with images and details of what celebrities do from shopping habits to partying.

Isn't it about time you harnessed the power of a celebrity for your business?

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We have many years of and a proven track record of creating and running successful campaigns worldwide.

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Our campaigns can grow your business exposure at a rapid rate, and we only work with trustworthy celebrity influencers.

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